God the Good Parent

ShootGod is a good parent. A good parent recognises that every one of their children is different and therefore a good parent will not treat all their children in the same way or expect them to behave in the same way. A good parent rejoices in the differences between their children. We are all on different paths but we are all the children of the one true God.

A good parent is not afraid of questions. In fact a good parent rejoices in their children’s inquisitive minds. God is not afraid of any question that may come up in his childrens' minds, because God knows the answer to every question.  If God is not afraid of any question then we do not need to be afraid either.  If a Christian feels that a particular question should not be asked, then I would suggest that they may be afraid of the answer. If God is not afraid there is no reason for us to be afraid.


A good parent loves their child at every moment of its childhood, but always wants to see the child grow.  I believe that God loves us at whatever stage we may be, but he also wants us to grow and mature.  As his children we should not stop growing. We should always be growing, every moment of our lives.  How do we grow?  We pray, we listen to God speaking, we reflect, we share our thoughts with other Christians and we listen to their thoughts.  Then we pray, listen and reflect some more.  This enables us to find the individual path along which God is leading us.  And God promises us that if we stray to the right or left we will hear his voice telling us the right way to go. (Isaiah 30:21)