The Importance of Prayer

Is it just me, or is the church losing its emphasis on prayer?  Are Christians focused on worship rather than prayer?  Are pastors focused on leadership, management and programs rather than prayer?  I’m certain that the devil wants to distract us from prayer – simply because it is the activity that Jesus taught as being so important.

Taking My Feet Off the Ground – the Importance of Trusting God.

It is a wonderful thing to see a small child running to someone that they trust, looking forward to being picked up and carried. The moment the child allows their feet to leave the ground they have completely surrendered their safety and security to the one who is holding them.  As we get older it becomes more difficult to trust others, but Jesus reminds us that He wants us to be like small children.  We, His children, need to learn to take our feet off the ground as we surrender ourselves to Him.

What Did Jesus Say About Being a Christian?

Jesus didn’t actually say anything about being a Christian. The word ‘Christian’ didn’t come into use until a long time after he left the earth. But a Christian is someone who follows Jesus; and Jesus had a lot to say about what it means to follow him. Most importantly he kept emphasizing that if we want to follow him we must do so wholeheartedly and not allow ourselves to be concerned about other people or things.

Being Humble – in the 21st Century

Jesus says that we should humble ourselves. He says that we should be like little children (who had no status or importance at all in his day). He says that we should be servants of each other.  And Jesus doesn’t just say these things once or twice, he says them over and over again.

The State of the Heart

I think that our motives for doing the things we do are really important. I think that God may be less interested in what we do and more interested in why we do it.