The Importance of Prayer

Is it just me, or is the church losing its emphasis on prayer?  Are Christians focused on worship rather than prayer?  Are pastors focused on leadership, management and programs rather than prayer?  I’m certain that the devil wants to distract us from prayer – simply because it is the activity that Jesus taught as being so important.



Jesus' most concentrated teaching on prayer is found in Matthew 6:5-15.

The first thing that Jesus teaches us is that we must not pray in order to impress others.  We pray to God – and Jesus says it’s best to do so when we are completely alone.

Jesus goes on to warn against just using empty words when we pray. God loves his children and, like any good parent, God loves to hear his children talking to him about what really matters to them.

Jesus follows this warning by introducing the Lord’s Prayer and this must be the most repeated prayer in the Christian world. Yet the words are so familiar that it is very easy to say the words while thinking about something else.  The Lord’s Prayer can easily become the empty words that Jesus told us to avoid.  





I think that the first half of the Lord’s Prayer is one of the most important, and neglected, of Jesus’ teachings.  Here is what he says he wants us to pray to our loving Father:

  • May your name be thought of as holy
  • May your kingdom come
  • May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Do we pray these prayers?  I mean do we really pray them?  Do we really ask God to bring these things about?  Imagine what the world would be like if we really prayed these prayers and God answered them.  It may be that these prayers will only be answered by the second coming of Jesus.  It may be that God is ready to answer these prayers today.  In either case we need to be asking God, right now, to answer them.  In any case we should be praying these prayers, really praying them, because Jesus tells us to.

The rest of the Lord’s Prayer is concerned with our personal needs.   Jesus places God’s agenda before our agenda.