The State of the Heart

I think that our motives for doing the things we do are really important. I think that God may be less interested in what we do and more interested in why we do it.

Pic4We know that when God looks at us He looks at our hearts (1Samuel 16:7) and we know that Jesus even criticised people for praying if they were doing so from the wrong motive (Matthew 6:5). If we can have pure and impure motives for praying then we can have pure and impure motives for everything else we do.

Of course, it is very difficult for me to assess my own motives.  I am likely to have an unrealistically positive picture of my own motives. But God sees me as I really am. Therefore I can rely on God to guide me. But what is the state of my heart? Do I really want to be guided by God? Do I really want to serve him? For me the best indicator that I do really want to serve him  is whether I can really, truthfully, sincerely pray one specific prayer. "Your will be done."  Can I quietly and humbly come before God and say "Your will be done" and mean it?