Being Humble – in the 21st Century

Jesus says that we should humble ourselves. He says that we should be like little children (who had no status or importance at all in his day). He says that we should be servants of each other.  And Jesus doesn’t just say these things once or twice, he says them over and over again.




You can find what Jesus said about these things in the following verses: Matt 18:2-4; Matt 19:14; Matt 20:26-27; Matt 23:11-12; Mark 9:35; Mark 10:14-15; Mark 10:42-44; Luke 9:46-48; Luke 14:11; Luke 18:14; Luke 18:17.  And Jesus sets the example of humble service himself and explicitly states that he is doing so. (Matt 11:29; Matt 20:28; Matt 21:5; Mark 10:45; John 13:3-15)

Jesus says that we have one teacher and that we are all brothers (Matthew 23:8). The truth is that none of us are better than anyone else. Being humble means acknowledging and affirming this truth.

So what does it mean for us, 21st Century followers of Jesus, to be humble? It means that we have to stop doing things the world’s way. Stop promoting ourselves. Stop pretending, that we are better than the other person. This is obviously not going to be easy in our culture. How can I be humble and still get on in the world?  If I am a follower of Jesus I should not be looking to get on in the world.  I should be looking to serve in God’s kingdom. There is nothing to fear. God is loving and gracious and will take care of me.

Do not be discouraged. We may have the idea that someone who is humble will not be noticed. I would suggest that, in today’s culture, someone who is genuinely humble will be noticed. In fact they will really stand out. The question is; Am I ready to stand out?

One last thought.  A person who is genuinely humble will be a great team player.  Employers are always on the lookout for great team players.