Taking My Feet Off the Ground – the Importance of Trusting God.

It is a wonderful thing to see a small child running to someone that they trust, looking forward to being picked up and carried. The moment the child allows their feet to leave the ground they have completely surrendered their safety and security to the one who is holding them.  As we get older it becomes more difficult to trust others, but Jesus reminds us that He wants us to be like small children.  We, His children, need to learn to take our feet off the ground as we surrender ourselves to Him.


Taking your feet off the ground is a risky thing to do, but the child doesn’t think about that. The child has no difficulty in taking their feet off the ground because they have learned to trust the person who holds them. The child trusts because experience has taught them that they are safe when that person is holding them.


We learn to trust a person over time. Even small children don’t trust someone they have only just met. We get to know a person slowly. We learn that we can trust them a bit, so we trust them a bit more. This is how we come to know that we can trust God. The more we trust Him the more confident we become that we can trust Him more.


Taking my feet off the ground is also a risky thing to do because I am no longer in control of the direction in which I am going, or of my destination. I deliberately surrender responsibility for those things to the one who is carrying me. I do so confidently because I know I can trust Him.


My favourite image of God is found in Isaiah 40:11, “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” God picks us up and carries us in his arms, close to his heart. We can trust him completely and He wants us to trust him completely. If we don’t struggle, if we trust Him to decide our direction and destination, we will be safe and secure.