How to Change the World

I think that we often underestimate the impact that we have on others. Many years ago I came to the conclusion that the only thing that creates permanent change in our world is people exchanging ideas. Think about it. If I am having a conversation with anyone then I am exchanging ideas. I'm doing it right now with you.

A Theory of Creation

A theory of creation. (Remember, this is just a theory.)

God created the universe.  How did he do this? We don’t know. I’ve come up with a theory called ‘Building Block’ theory which I’d like to run by you. Building Block theory suggests that God didn’t create the universe out of nothing.  God is spirit and another word for ‘spirit’ could be ‘energy’.  The universe is made up of a lot of tiny balls of energy that we call atoms.  So it is possible that God created the universe out of himself. 

A Story

This is an imaginary account of what might have happened next.

Jesus and his disciples were out on the lake one day when a really big storm blew up and the disciples were worried that the boat might sink. Jesus was asleep and the disciples woke him because they were so afraid.