A Theory of Creation

A theory of creation. (Remember, this is just a theory.)

God created the universe.  How did he do this? We don’t know. I’ve come up with a theory called ‘Building Block’ theory which I’d like to run by you. Building Block theory suggests that God didn’t create the universe out of nothing.  God is spirit and another word for ‘spirit’ could be ‘energy’.  The universe is made up of a lot of tiny balls of energy that we call atoms.  So it is possible that God created the universe out of himself. 

God started the process by creating many trillions of balls of energy that we call hydrogen atoms.  Through the processes of solar fusion God made other kinds of atoms and we call these, including hydrogen, elements.  He put elements together in increasingly complex structures, which we call molecules, and began using the molecules to make things. He made planets, rocks, water, plants, animals and, eventually, us.  (This is why I call it Building Block theory. God built the universe in much the same way that a child creates increasingly complex structures using building blocks.) 

 Every now and then God would take a look at what he had created and say “That’s good”.

Recently I found myself wondering how much of God’s available energy did he use in creating the universe.  How much did he have left over?  The answer has to be – plenty.  The amount doesn’t matter.  Then I had a thought.  Suppose the Big Bang wasn’t the moment of creation but the start of it.  Suppose God is still creating balls of energy out of his own substance.  This would explain the accelerating, expanding universe.  And we wouldn’t need dark matter, dark energy or the Higgs-Boson particle to explain it (although, if these things are proven to exist, it wouldn’t necessarily negate the theory.)

It is just a theory.

What do you think?