What is our Bible?

Our Bible is a record of God's interaction with us, his created and beloved children. The various books were written a long time ago by people. They were devout, sincere servants of  our just and loving God but they were people - just like us.

Our Bible contains a number of passages in which God is recorded as speaking directly to people; sometimes to individuals, sometimes to groups.

What Did Jesus Say About the Bible?

Jesus said that the Old Testament law was in force until the time of John the Baptist but since then the Kingdom of God is being proclaimed. He said that he was the fulfilment of the Old Testament law.

Jesus didn’t say anything about the New Testament.

Does God Speak to Us Through the Bible Today?

Yes. He certainly does.

God can speak to us through any means that he chooses. He certainly can and does speak to us through the writings contained in our Bible. But that doesn’t mean that God has something to say to us through every word or passage that we find there.