Changes and Additions

January 2017

Two new articles this month:  "The importance of 'Doing' and Not Just 'Hearing' - How to avoid hearing Jesus say 'I never knew you.'”  and "Taking my feet off the ground - the importance of Trusting God".    Both of these articles are in the "Being a Christian" Category.


December 2016

Two new articles:  "Being Humble in the 21st Century" and "The Importance of Prayer - Part 2".  Both published in the "Being a Christian" category.

One new video "Being Humble in the 21st Century".


November 2016

I'm working on editing a number of articles, focussing first on those found in the "Being a Christian" category.

The article "The Importance of Prayer"  attracted over 170 "likes" when it was published in the LinkedIn group "Christian Professionals Worldwide." had more than 600 visitors this month.  Thankyou.  Please let me know how I can help you more.


September 2016

Two bits of news. 

Firstly I'd like to welcome Lori Moore who is going to be working as content manager for the site - doing all the stuff that I'm technically incompetent,or too distracted, to do.  Lori has already demonstrated her competence by making adjustments to the way the site works, tidying things up and making some very good suggestions.  Lori is a professional web designer and you can find out more about her skills on her own website

Secondly I've started making videos.  There is a new section on the website called "Videos" and it currently has a grand total of one video on it.  I've made more than one but this is the one I'm happiest with so far.  Let me know what you think.  I'm reasonably confident that I will be making more.


February 2016

I published a new category: "The clear, simple, practical commands of Jesus".  At the Great Commission, Jesus told his apostles to teach new disciples to "obey everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20).   Some of Jesus' teachings can be difficult to interpret but his commands - his instructions on how we are to live our lives - really are clear, simple and practical.  In three short articles I have outlined Jesus' commands and I have referenced each command to the relevant passage, or passages, in the gospels.  I have also included an article "Summary" which, as you might expect, summarises the commands. 

This is intended to be seriously practical stuff - I hope it will serve as a resource for individuals and groups who want to look at how Jesus expects us to live our lives.  All praise and glory to Him.

Please let me know if you think I've missed anything.



April 2015

I published a new article - "Rules".  Jesus criticised the church leaders of his day for making up rules and then teaching them as if they were God's rules.  By doing this they were hindering people from entering the kingdom rather than helping them towards it.

I also made a few changes to the home page and edited the artice "Being a Christian is simple and easy", which is the most popular article on the site.


March 2015

I published a new article - "Why do Christians disagree?".  I wrote this because I've been thinking about Jesus' vision for his church - that we should be one and that we should be a community defined by love - and wondering why Christians disagree.  Does God want us to diasgree?  I think he probably does - but he wants us to disagree within a culture of respect and affection.  You can find this article under the "Being a Christian" category.

On the admin side... Nick finally got all the images attached to the articles.  Thanks again to Nick and also a big thanks to Ken Maley who took the photos and allowed me to use them.


February 2015

Lots of changes.  I had to upgrade the software that operates the site because the old software was no longer supported.  I contacted Noah Greenstone at and he did the upgrade as well as making many changes to the way the site looks and runs.  It should be easier to navigate, particularly if you are using a mobile, and has lots of new bells and whistles.


January 2015

I am going to be focussing on making some major changes to the articles about the Church this month. 

I have been thinking and praying a lot about the Church, what is happening in churches and what God is up to.  Large numbers of Christians are leaving mainstream churches and, through prayer, I have come to understand that this is not a bad thing but may  be a movement initiated and supported by the Holy Spirit.  In any event, the God who describes himself as a shepherd who will search for one lost sheep will certainly not leave these, his followers, to their own devices.  I believe that God is very active and is doing something new - or at least something that hasn't been happening as it should since the time of Constantine (let those who know their church history understand). 


December 2014

November was a busy month as Nick and I got stuck into a major reworking of the site.  Almost all articles were revised and many new articles were posted.  Some of Ken's beautiful photographs had to be taken down temporarily; they will be put back up again. 

Over the next few weeks we will be working on improving the look and functionality of the site, rather than the content.  Nonetheless, the content will always be a work in progress.  Changes to articles will be made as my thoughts progress, and my thoughts often progress through other people sharing their thoughts with me.

Interest in the site increased markedly in November.  Analysis shows that most visitors live in the Perth metro area.  How can I help you; neighbours?  Would you like to be connected with others who find the site useful?  Perhaps you can help me.  Does what I have to say raise questions for you that you would like me to think about?  Can you see an article in which I have simply got it wrong?  We Christians have to love, encourage and support each other.  Sometimes that means we have to correct each other.  Please feel free to do this with me.  I am a human being and, as I keep saying, all human beings make mistakes.   




November 2014

I've started work on a major reorganisation of material on the site.  I have also hired a site manager to see to the technical aspects of the site - I'm just not up to it and having Nick do the technical stuff will free me up to do the thinking and writing. 

Hopefully this will result in a smoother, better organised, friendlier and more interesting experience for visitors. 


October 2014

Added photographs of Western Australian plant life.  These photos were taken by a professional photographer, Ken Maley, and they are all copyright.

The site now has a new domain name: - because it's all about Him and not about me.  The old name will still connect to the site.


I've done some editing of the home page with the intention of making it simpler and clearer.  I have noticed that a significant number of people accessing the site are from countries where English is not the first language and I want to make sure that the language used here is as clear as possible.